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Chanell Heart, Gianna Dior - A Thing For Bad Girls [HD 720p] (479.21 Mb)

Chanell Heart, Gianna Dior - A Thing For Bad Girls [HD 720p] (479.21 Mb)

Starring: Chanell Heart, Gianna Dior
Title Videos: A Thing For Bad Girls
Porn Studio:
Genre: Ebony, Lesbians, Interracial, Teen, Standing 69, Pussy Licking, Brunette, Natural Tits, Face Sitting, Fingering
Duration: 00:31:11

Chanell Heart is in her living room talking on her cellphone. Yeah, my last date was a bust... Im just so frustrated! What does it take to get a girlfriend around here?? ...Yeah, okay, I KNOW I always go for the bad girls when I SHOULD be looking for GOOD girls, but, seriously, how can I resist??
Chanell hears a nearby door open and then tells her friend she has to go and hangs up. Suddenly, a young woman, Gianna Dior, hurriedly walks in wearing baggy clothes, and a baseball cap; shes carrying a backpack. She looks serious but calm. Her right hand is in the pocket of her jacket, holding something that may be a gun pointed at Chanell.
Gianna tells her she just held up a bank and needs a place to lay low for the next 12 hours, so shes gonna stay in her home until things cool down. Chanell doesnt believe Gianna and is especially skeptical about what Gianna has in her pocket. Gianna insists its a gun, but Chanell calls her bluff, demanding that Gianna show it to her. Finally. Gianna gives in and pulls her hand from her pocket, showing Chanell the finger gun shes been using.
Wait, so you got away with robbing a bank using just your finger?? Chanell asks, aroused by Giannas cool attitude and recklessness. She starts to look more lustful, her attraction to bad girls winning over logic.
Wow, so DARING... and DANGEROUS... What if the cops catch you, huh? Chanell says.
They wont. Unless you rat me out. Are you going to rat me out? Gianna says in a dangerous voice that makes Chanell quiver again with arousal rather than fear.
Of course not! Im at the mercy of your finger now...
Its not every day that Chanell gets to meet a REAL bad girl...

Quality: HD 720p
Format: mp4
Size: 479.21 Mb

Download Chanell Heart, Gianna Dior - A Thing For Bad Girls [HD 720p] (479.21 Mb)

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